The Future

“The Web as I envisaged, we have not seen it yet. The future is still so much bigger than the past.” – Tim Berners-Lee

  • Hosted online – no in clinic server deployment
  • No software deployment – Only an internet connection needed
  • Accessible from any pc, mac or phone with a browser, even the iPAD or an Android based device
  • Unique technology enables us to roll out features at a very fast pace
  • Patient Side computing enhances the speed of operation and feels that the software is loaded on a local machine
  • Say NO to weeks of training cost, start today, use today. Isn’t this why they invented the internet?
  • No Backup required at clinic level.

The core of MEDbuddy is its advanced medical record capabilities. MEDbuddy’s EMR is an XML document and is Problem Oriented. XML(Extensible Markup Language) is the most advanced language of the Web, for data exchange between disparate systems on different operating systems, and is a standard that is here to stay. The POMR remains the gold standard for medical record keeping.

Every major corporation is using XML and why? Without getting too technical, an XML document can be processed by any computer system in the world – in short it is the computer world’s common language. MEDbuddy’s EMR can be transmitted around the world around the clock for use in other MEDbuddy systems, interpreted by disparate computer systems, used for advanced research, analytics and more. One can make full text searches on the EMR to look for just about any thing. Any object can be added to the EMR i.e. PDF files, Doc files, Images and these can be viewed from within the Electronic Medical Record..