Features 1 2
Clinic / location Single Doctor

INR 6873.55
Additional doctor – INR 6186.19

Existing clinic
Staff unlimited unlimited
Patients unlimited unlimited
Migration charges Not applicable Patients demographics import is INR 103103.18
Electronic medical record import charges on case to case basis. Typically INR 240574.08 per clinic
Setup charges INR 13747.09 INR 34367
Email support FREE FREE
Training charges 4 hours free. Additional INR 5155.16 per 2 hours 4 hours free. Additional INR 5155.16 per 2 hours
Online Chat support INR 1718.39 a month INR 1718.39 a month
Commitment Minimum 2 years Minimum 2 years
Phone support INR 5155.16 per month INR 5155.16 per month
Storage Upto 25GB free Every Additional 25gb will be INR 1374.71 per month Upto 25GB free Every Additional 25gb will be INR 1374.71 per month
Supports Single/Multiple Doctors / Multi location / Specialist / Hsopitals/  university
Cloud based
Solution Adapted For Mobile Devices
Most comprehensive Clinic Management solution
Electronic Medical Record (EMR)
SOAP notes, any attachment
Secretary / Assistant Module
Invoicing, Payments
Inventory Management with Integrated Purchase Order System
Appointment and Calendar
Patient Management
User Dashboard
Upload Files To Patients and Medical Records
Take Payment By Credit Card Online
Emails Invoices/Receipts To Patients
Auto Emails / SMS (texting) Automated Reminders for Vaccinations
Auto Emails / SMS (texting) Automatic Reminders for Pending payments
Bulk Email To Patients related to marketing, follow ups
Export Of Data For Import To Accounting Systems (CVS format)
Patient Portal to share information
Integrated with external labs
Integrated with in house equipments
Languages support
Report cards and hand outs
Templated driven medical setup
Predefined lab forms and templates
Easy to create lab reports with range, units, etc
Template driven emails
Extensive financial reports, inventory reports and audit reports
Exports of most of the reports in excel, pdf and csv formats
Aging reports, accounts receivables, payables
Tracking doctors productivity and revenues generated
Track whether each product (drugs, non drugs etc) is profitable
Patient education and communication materials in Clinic library
Search Electronic Medical records
Auto Back up
One click to create a patient consult from the schedule
One click to convert an estimate to a patient consult
One click to accept payment from a patient consult
Reusable procedure templates
Staff internal communication
Smart flow sheet like functionality and beyond
Lab, radiology, anaesthetic and operative reports
Lab report approval process
Single search box that is system wide
Task manager
Email EMR to referrals, Patients, others for second opinion
Group plans
Well ness plans memberships and tracking
Tracking Patient feedback via forms
Report cards
Auto signatures of doctors on rabies/vaccine certificates
For multi location clinics procedures, services, drugs, etc can have different pricing
Each location can have different products and services
Get clinic/location wise financial reports or combined
Clinics / locations can be in multiple countries. Currency exchange to view in common currency
Referral Practice
Central Warehouse – maintain central ware house in each country or region
For multi location clinics maintain common vendors, vendor items, item pricing (same or different), bins, packages etc